How to Prepare for a move in 3 easy steps

How to Prepare for a move in 3 easy steps
  • Moving is a big pain in the butt, everyone is stressed out and you dont want to deal with the stress anymore. Right? Junk Brothers and Moving in Albuquerque would like to give you our 3 easy steps to prepare for a move.
  • Step 1, you need to figure out how many boxes you need for your move. Most house are 10 boxes per room. Call around to see who has the cheapest boxes, U-haul, Lowes, homedepot all sell boxes. If you have items that a fragile get bouble rap most houses only need one.
  • Step 2, Empty out all desks, dressers. Take down beds. For the fastest results with your moving companie, this will help them load your items the fastest. Moving heavy items is a very hard job, by emptying out the desks and dressers this will make your movers life alot easier.
  • Step 3, Last but not least. After you have prepared your boxes and have all your desks, dressers emptyed and beds taken a part. Put everything that you can move either down stairs or in the garage, this will give you the fastest time possible with a moving company.

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